Antique Persian Souf Rugrug no. 9860


An early 20th century Souf carpet woven somewhere in Iran. Whereabouts are unknown but we suspect it’s from the sarouk Jozan region. Souf rugs are very rare technique found as they have a raised low and high pile technique. They are popular in Iran and little understood elsewhere except by Persians and people who really know Fine carpets. Thy have a 3-d dimensionality that you can’t find in other carpets. Additionally a Souf is art it is not meant to be walked upon. A Souf is a rug that combines flat-weave and pile. Typically the ground is done in flat-weave and the design is executed in pile. Metal wrapped thread is often used. Kashan is traditionally the home of Souf rugs but we also see them from Qum. There are also tribal Soufs which I believe come from Khorasan.

rug no. 9860
size 2' 1" x 2' 7" (64 x 79 cm)
rug type Persian
size / category Square,Yastiks
price $6,000.00
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